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Best Thing That Happened To Me

The worse thing that happened to me in 2011 was I couldn’t sell my house. The best thing that happened to me in 2011 was I couldn’t sell my house. The reason it was the best thing (Debbie Henry). I was so very fortunate to meet you. For almost 7 years you not only took great care of my property but you took great care of me. I will be forever grateful for your help, guidance, support, and honesty.

Thanks for everything you did.😊

- Beryl Dickens (Landlord)

Fortunate to Know You

Dear Debbie,

Thank you for your time, your knowledge, your thoughtfulness and your concern! You did not have to take the time you did and I appreciate it so much. I am so fortunate to know you!

- Toni Saulet, prospective Tenant

Thank You

Working with Henry Management Company has been such a pleasure. Everyone of the office/leasing staff have been so welcoming. You guys really got it going on!!!! Thank you much!!
- Deborah Scates, Tenant

It's with a great deal of satisfaction that I pass along my endorsement of Henry Property Management . Their expertise in property management was essential in the renting of our home as this was our first experience as potential landlords. Debbie Henry is a true professional in this business. She and her staff took excellent care of our property, worked hard to keep the home in good shape, and were a pleasure to work with. I am happy to say they were equally fair with our renters, insuring that necessary repairs or problems were coordinated quickly and efficiently. They have relationships with firms in the area who could resolve maintenance problems at a fair cost. Living out of town, I never had a problem reaching out to their staff with any issue or concern and they were always willing to help with an experienced resolution. I look forward to a continued relationship with Henry Property Management and will gladly recommend them to others.
- J. Schaeffer (Landlord)

Thank You

I am so glad that a friend introduced me to Debbie Henry in 2010; her company, Henry Property Management, has done a wonderful job in the last 4 years in finding good tenants and keeping me well informed. Their attention to good communication and service is very much appreciated!
- Prema A. (Landlord)

Thank You

Henry Property Management has been managing my property for many years now, and I just want to thank you and your staff for the good work that you have been doing. I appreciate the professionalism and the attention that your organization provides to those that you serve.


- Abdi Moallim (Landlord)

Transition to NC Easier

It has been such a blessing and a pleasure renting from Henry Property Management. Moving to a new community is never easy but Henry Property Management made our transition to North Carolina so much easier for us! Thank you so much!
- Cheryl and Ty Lucas (Tenants)

Consistent & Flexible

It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I am writing to endorse Debbie Henry and Henry Property Management as a best in class property management firm. My first contact with Debbie was during the fall of 2004, when she was recommended by a local real estate agent to discuss the possible rental for our home due to our family move. Being new to the property rental business, we wanted to make sure we avoided potential pitfalls in the complete process. Debbie was able to educate us and help us prepare our property to attract a desirable tenant. During our tenant's stay, any maintenance issues were resolved professionally and swiftly. Henry Property Management also has relationships with high quality staff and local contractors that charge a competitive price in their respective industry with the assurance that whatever needs to be fixed will be done right the first time. Other areas of expertise we were able to benefit from was locating a desirable tenant and the management of the account. From the leasing up process, rent collection/disbursement, account management and post-rental process, Debbie and her team have been consistent and extremely flexible to ensure maximum return on our investment in the property and in the use of a property management firm.

We have heard horror stories from landlords who have chosen to rent a home on their own and stories of other property management companies locally who have not given the customer service that this company gives. This is not one of those stories. I highly recommend (and have to several other landlords) Henry Property Management to handle a complete turnkey rental operation for your property.

- Robert and Christine Poe (Landlord)

Wonderful Upkeep

My rental experience with Henry Property Management began in 1986 with a move, the first in my life, from Dallas, Texas to Cary, North Carolina. From the beginning Debbie Henry was there to answer questions about our new residence and the surrounding area. I can never remember a time when I placed a call for service, few as they were because of the wonderful upkeep on the homes under Debbie's watchful eye, that was not immediately responded to with a phone call or a visit from a repairman. Our relationship grew into a 16-year friendship saddened only by the purchase of our rental home in 2003. I still call on Debbie with questions regarding my home and, as usual, she has a good referral to share. If you, as a renter, treat her with respect you can be sure it will be returned to you ten fold. - Sylvia McCoy (Tenant)

Quality of Work

Thank you so much for making this experience so pleasant. I thought at first we lucked out and got phenomenal renters, but then I realized it wasn't luck, but a testament to the quality of work that you do. You told me to trust you and I did, and it was the best decision I have ever made. - The Tyler Family (Landlord)

Tremendously Helpful

I wanted to thank you for taking the time to talk about the possibility of renting our house. I enjoyed meeting you and appreciate your candor in talking about what it means to be a landlord. You were very gracious in answering all of my questions, and my wife and I feel very comfortable with our decision not to try renting this house. There is no doubt in our minds that we would struggle with seeing the place where we got married not being taken care of. Meeting with you was tremendously helpful in making the decision that selling our home was a better fit for us.

In the future, if we are ever in a place to become landlords, we will definitely call you. I have already recommended you to friends who have mentioned wanting to own rental property in this area.

Again, thank you for making the time to meet with me.
- Jeremy Brown


Thank you for your kindness showed to us over the last 8 years. - Bob and Lois S. (Tenants)

Great and Helpful

Thanks for being a great landlord. We appreciate your help in the past. - Pete and Pat McGarth (Tenants)

Happy with Results

I have rented my house out for two years with Henry Property Management, and I could not be happier with the result. I am continually impressed by how professionally Debbie and her staff handle all aspects of the rental process. The house hasn't sat empty for a single day since the first tenant moved in (excepting, of course, a few days for cleaning and preparation between tenants), and the tenants seem to be happy. - Michael Goldman (Landlord)

Friendly and Helpful.

We have been renting for just a few months now, but it is safe to say you are in good hands with Henry Property Management. We worked with Norma who was extremely helpful. Debbie went over everything with us and made sure we were moved in before Thanksgiving. I emailed Norma some minor repairs that were needed and the repair man contacted us shortly after and came and fixed everything that we asked. I would reccomend Henry Property Management to freinds and family. They are extremely professional, thorough and honest!!! - Kelly C. (Tenant)

Debbie Henry.

We recently bought 2 houses in Cary, NC. Coming from out of state we wanted to prepare ahead as much as possible, especially selecting a good property manager. Our first impression of Debbie Henry was a very positive one. Each time we corresponded, it seemed her response was immediate, which was not always the case with others we spoke with via the web. This please us, not only for our benefit, but thought if she did this with the tenants as well, they would be happy.

On arrival she took time from her busy schedule to educate us on what types of houses and locations would be best for our purposes. This was very appreciated, as there were some local considertions about which we were unaware since we were from out of the area.

We also could see, after spending some time with her, that she would maintain the properties so that we need not concern ourselves this would not be adequately done.

She also took the time to carefully review each prospective tenant, so that only those who were qualified would be selected.

Debbie is very organized and efficient and being so allows us to live our lives without concerns or worries about our investment properties.

We would recommend her to anyone who might have investment properties, as well as any perspective tenant, who we are sure will be happy with her immediate response to their concerns,
- Maynard and Dottie Nichols (Landlord)

Improved our community

Henry Property Management has been managing The Courtyard Condominiums which is a business complex for the last six months. They have done more to improve our community in six months than our former management company did in the last seven years. They have streamlined our budget, beautified our grounds, cut our expenses, and put us on a course to improve and update the buildings. Hiring Henry Prop Mgt was the best move we made in years. - Donna Stoyanovich-Cary Insurance Group

Professional and Timely

Henry Property Management has managed the house I own in Cary for a number of years. Service is always professional and timely. I really appreciate that major repair issues are always discussed before a decision is made for the repairs. Tenant issues are handled right away. Staff have been very responsive and courteous. It is reassuring to have Henry Property manage the property for an absentee owner. Thanks for the good job everyone does. - Connie Haire (Landlord)

Helpful and Take Such Good Care

You guys are always so helpful and take such good care of our property. You are great about reminding us when things need to be done and going the extra mile to help us take care of a property that is far away so we don't have to make any extra trips. Thank you so much for all you do. - The Collins (Landlords)

Truly a Great Experience

Truly a great experience as a landlord with Debbie, who managed my rental townhome for about 5 years. From the beginning I knew she could be a tough cookie (you would hate to see a property manager who was universally loved by ALL tenants) because she was very clear about what rental income my home would be able to sustain. To her credit, my unit stayed rented for all but about 15 days through 3 different tenants, while other units in my neighborhood languished on the market. Repairs were done quickly with no hassle on my part (and one of the repairs was a big one that could have easily been a disaster for me and the tenant). Another of my tenants needed a lot of hand holding in getting settled in, and Debbie went over there at least twice to help show the tenant how to work a shower and ice maker. I would definitely allow Debbie to manage my rental properties, and if I were a tenant I would not hesitate to rent from her. - (Landlord)

Extremely Friendly

We have rented from Henry Property Management for just over 4 years now. We have found the entire Management Staff to be extremely friendly, very responsive to our needs and very accommodating to any request we have had. The repairs have always been fixed in a timely manner and by a very friendly and courteous staff. I would highly recommend Henry Property Management for all your rental needs. - Troy M. (Tenant)

Great Service

I have been recommending Henry Property Management to all my investor Clients because of the great service provided to their Clients. I have also had Clients that rented from Henry Property Mgmt and have been well satisfied with the quality of properties and condition of properties they represent. Sincerely, - Dorothy B. Cary NC - Coldwell Banker Advantage

First Class All The Way!

Debbie and her staff are first class all the way! My family and I were HPM tenants for 3 years. Our experience with HPM was positive from start to finish. Repair and maintenance requests were handled immediately and completed to our satisfaction. I highly recommend Debbie and Henry Property Management and I would use them again if the need arises.


As both a landlord and sometime tenant, I'd like to thank your staff for their sensitivity to both me, presently a landlord, my tenants, and my property. Although my tenants are consistently encouraged to report the need for repairs, I know they understandably don't comment on some minor problem that they don't realize could become something more serious. Often, while repairing a small matter, your staff has noticed more serious needs on my properties. Their alertness to the whole situation benefits both me and the tenant. You are always informative and quickly obtain an estimate for the repair. This is important to the tenant's comfort and the well-being of my property. In the many years you've managed my properties, not one tenant has complained to me about how they were received by your office. And as I said in the beginning, as a tenant, I would be thrilled to have a manager who cared as much about my comfort and safety in the house I rented as I did. I'd call using Henry Property a three-way-win for the tenant, the landlord and the house. - Denise G. (Landlord)


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