The Future is Bright in the Raleigh-Area

Debbie Henry - Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Future is Bright in the Raleigh-Area!

                How much do you know about the Raleigh-Area?  Forbes recently named the Raleigh-area the fastest growing metro-area in the United States; we have grown approximately 47.8% since 2000, which is about three times faster than the top metro-areas in the nation. 

                Fastest and Slowing Growing Cities in America

                There are several reasons for and benefits from this growth!  The Raleigh-Area was ranked #2 in the nation for business and careers!  Forbes explains that the Raleigh-Area was ranked highly for job growth, the cost of business, and an educated population.  Research Triangle Park contributes greatly to job growth with offices for major corporations.  The area also benefits from nearly 50% of residents age 25 and older having a college education.  The Raleigh-Area was also rated the most wired!  This includes most broadband connections, Wi-Fi access and hotspots.   In 2011, it was also named America’s Best City by BusinessWeek!  Of course, for those of us who live here, you already knew that…  J 

                America’s Best City

                For those of you interested in moving to the Raleigh-Area, check out all the great attractions in the greater Raleigh-Area and enjoy America’s Best, Fastest Growing City!   

                The Greater-Raleigh Area