Grilling Tips

Debbie Henry - Monday, June 10, 2013

Grilling Tips

{June 11, 2013}—A vast majority of U.S. households own a grill (82%).  But many individuals are unaware of proper grilling techniques that can improve their grilled menu!  Check out these tips, found in the June/July 2013 Cary Magazine: 

1.)     1.)  Invest in quality.  A quality grill will cook more evenly and last well past the typically 2-3 years. 

2.)     2.)      Keep the lid CLOSED!  And only flip food once, halfway through the cook time. 

3.)      3.)   Don’t cut into your food to test “doneness.”  Use a digital thermometer inserted horizontally into the side of food.  165 degrees for poultry, 160 degrees for burgers, and 145 degrees for steaks and seafood. 

4.)       4.)  Grill clean up and maintenance should include cleaning out any grease trays and cooking grids, and a seasonal cleaning that includes taking the burners and grates off.  Also, invest in a cover to protect the grill.  This will help prevent deterioration.  

Pardue, N.  (2013).  Facing the grill.  Cary Magazine.  Cary, NC:  S&A Cherokee.