Does Your House Have an Air Leak?

Debbie Henry - Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Does Your House Have an Air Leak?

The need for tightening up your home becomes apparent when the cost of cooling or heating it rises.  Identifying the source and/or location of air leaks is the first step toward reducing these costs.

One of the easiest ways to determine whether or not you have a leaking gap around a window is to do a daylight test. If you can see light coming in from the outside, you've got a leak that needs to be sealed.

Having a skilled professional conduct a blower door test is another way to determine how airtight your home is and how much heated or cooled air is escaping through the leaks. These professionals can interpret the results of the test and recommend tightening measures for your home.

The results of each of these tests will most likely result in the need for caulking around your windows and elsewhere.  By filling in any gaps, you’ll avoid wasting precious dollars from leaking air.  Caulking also helps prevent moisture, as well as prevent critters and insects from entering your home.