10 Steps to a Cleaner Home

Debbie Henry - Wednesday, April 3, 2013

10 Steps to a Cleaner Home

{April 4, 2013}—I don’t know about you, but my most thorough cleaning happens about an hour before company comes over.  This also means a mad rush and ensuing chaos.  If you are with me on this, I need to rid my life of that chaos and focus on simplifying the cleaning process.  Here are ten steps to making that cleaning process a simpler one and to kick start your spring cleaning!  

1. Trash: Carry a large trash bag around the house and quickly pitch any trash.

2. Laundry: Take a laundry basket and gather all the dirty laundry. Start a load. Try to keep switching it up (DON’T SKIP FOLDING) throughout the day to get it all done, but if anything, at least you get one load done a day and that’s better than nothing.

3. Dishes: Gather and wash all dirty dishes in your house. You could do this in stages (1. fill sink and soak dishes 2. wash and set out to dry 3. put away) and tackle them in between the other steps.

4. Toys: Again, use a container of some type (laundry basket works), gather and set aside.

5. Beds: Get everything off the beds, fold excess blankets and make the beds.

6. Kitchen and Dining: Clear counter tops and dining table. Sweep floors and wipe down kitchen appliances (top to bottom).

7. Living room: Finish clearing what’s left on the floor, sweep, spray, and wipe any non-carpeted areas.

8. Bathroom: Finish clearing floor. Do a quick spray and wipe down.

9. Bedrooms: Put all previously gathered toys away. Pick up anything that’s left and hang up clean clothes.

10. Vacuum: Lastly, do a quick sweep with the vacuum. Dust as needed.

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